BIP no TWITTER, parte I

Backup file made by TweetBackup 2010-01-23 14:37:50

2010-01-23 14:26:21
lasleandro: Water Planets #science

2010-01-23 12:43:12
lasleandro: When Does Science Become Technology And Why Does It Matter? #science

2010-01-22 16:32:50
lasleandro: A First Course on Twistors, Integrability and Gluon Scattering Amplitudes. #physics

2010-01-22 16:31:17
lasleandro: The Physical Properties of the Cosmic Acceleration. (arXiv:1001.1811v2 [astro-ph.CO] CROSS LISTED)

2010-01-22 14:16:57
lasleandro: Fotos pioneiras de cristais de neve vão à venda em Nova York

2010-01-22 14:14:45
lasleandro: “Lake Views” by Steven Weinberg #physics

2010-01-22 14:12:58
lasleandro: Flying R2-D2, you are doing it wrong #physics

2010-01-21 18:18:20
lasleandro: Non-Markovian effect on the geometric phase of a dissipative qubit. #physics

2010-01-21 18:02:52
lasleandro: Chaos Models in Economics. (arXiv:1001.3492v1 [nlin.CD])

2010-01-21 03:36:13
lasleandro: How to install GNOME Activity Journal in Ubuntu #ubuntu

2010-01-19 03:45:21
lasleandro: para os saudosistas, ICQ ainda vive! versao 7, lançada hoje!!

2010-01-18 19:42:58
lasleandro: RT @sspedro: RT: @ComoFunciona: Como funciona a música indie:

2010-01-18 19:12:29
lasleandro: Physics With Two Time Dimensions. #hepph

2010-01-18 18:57:23
lasleandro: Quantum Mechanics from Periodic Dynamics: the bosonic case. (arXiv:1001.2718v1 [hep-th]) #hepth

2010-01-18 18:48:18
lasleandro: Theory of Heavy-Ion Collisions. #hep-th


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