BIP no TWITTER, parte II

Backup file made by TweetBackup 2010-02-06 14:10:18

2010-02-05 13:47:20
lasleandro: O Pastor de Almas

2010-02-04 09:19:45
lasleandro: RT @sspedro: Versão online de Windows 3.1:

2010-02-04 09:17:34
lasleandro: RT @brasilciencia: “IMAX”, “Hubble” and “3D” in the same sentence — total slamdunk! :: 2010-Mar-19: “IMAX Hubble 3D”,

2010-02-03 03:32:38
lasleandro: The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence: A Philosophical Inquiry

2010-02-03 18:14:31
lasleandro: San Francisco’s Answer to Westboro Baptist Church

2010-02-03 18:14:27
lasleandro: Evolution by Steve Jobs

2010-02-03 18:13:15
lasleandro: Why I Don’t Check Voicemail Anymore

2010-02-03 18:13:10
lasleandro: Coffee Foam Art

2010-02-03 18:11:52
lasleandro: 10 Movie Inventions Better Than the iPad

2010-02-03 18:11:48
lasleandro: Formula of iPad

2010-02-03 18:09:13
lasleandro: Hubble Detects Mysterious Spaceship-Shaped Object Traveling at 11,000MPH [Space]

2010-02-03 18:02:52
lasleandro: hauha… Encyclopedias Are Still Helpful #fun

2010-02-03 17:14:29
lasleandro: gentlemen, start your engines!!!

2010-02-03 13:57:50
lasleandro: RT @melodaf: A Polícia do Pensamento, vulgo Rede Globo, deixou escapar esta magnífica CrimeIdéia: #1984 #bigbrother …

2010-02-03 13:39:48
lasleandro: Passageiro pula de catamarã para nadar na Baía de Guanabara … esse é corajoso…

2010-02-02 18:10:37
lasleandro: Strongly interacting dark matter ruled out by observations #physics

2010-02-02 18:05:56
lasleandro: Mathematical Model of Easter Island Society Collapse. (arXiv:1002.0068v1 [q-bio.PE]) #qbio

2010-02-02 17:55:36
lasleandro: Cosmology of the very early universe. (arXiv:0804.2240v1 [gr-qc] CROSS LISTED) #atroph

2010-02-02 17:05:57
lasleandro: Jogos para PC que serão lançados em Fereveiro 2010

2010-02-01 23:46:27
lasleandro: 01/18/10 PHD comic: ‘ASAP!’ #fun

2010-02-01 23:44:55
lasleandro: 01/25/10 PHD comic: ‘Cafeteria Potential Well’ #fun

2010-02-01 18:13:39
lasleandro: Physicists Discover How to Grow Graphene #physics

2010-02-01 17:24:35
lasleandro: RT @naosalvo: Voces tem noçao que hoje é dia 1 de fevereiro, né? E o que isso quer dizer: Onde esta seu Deus agora?

2010-02-01 12:29:49
lasleandro: DoThisNow – Simple Desktop Automation #ubuntu

2010-02-01 12:27:26
lasleandro: After Burner reaparece no PS3 e X360

2010-02-01 04:26:39
lasleandro: Feynman :: Rules of Chess #physics

2010-02-01 04:25:15
lasleandro: PlayLab and Informal Science #science

2010-02-01 04:15:25
lasleandro: Krauss and an Overview of Cosmology #cosmology #physics

2010-02-01 04:14:02
lasleandro: Teaching Tip: Blank Paper #physics

2010-01-29 19:54:34
lasleandro: Conheça as preocupações dos físicos na “era do LHC” #physics

2010-01-29 19:52:44
lasleandro: Projeto de lei quer liberar venda avulsa de canais de TV paga

2010-01-29 19:42:36
lasleandro: Google Reader agora avisa sobre atualizações em qualquer site #google

2010-01-28 23:04:07
lasleandro: Entanglement degradation in the solid state: interplay of adiabatic and quantum noise. #physics

2010-01-28 22:53:45
lasleandro: Extra Dimensions at the LHC. (arXiv:1001.4801v1 [hep-ph]) hepph

2010-01-28 22:53:35
lasleandro: Dark Energy and Dark Matter. (arXiv:1001.5014v1 [hep-ph]) #hepph

2010-01-28 22:51:50
lasleandro: Naturality, unification and dark matter. (arXiv:1001.4936v1 [astro-ph.CO]) #astroph

2010-01-28 21:50:37
lasleandro: Dia Internacional da Privacidade de Dados

2010-01-28 18:27:06
lasleandro: RT @ComoFunciona: Nenhum espião faz seu trabalho sem um óculos de visão noturna! Saiba como eles funcionam:

2010-01-26 19:33:10
lasleandro: Dynamics of tournaments: the soccer case. (arXiv:1001.2854v1 []) #physics

2010-01-26 19:28:25
lasleandro: An Infinite Fractal Cosmos. (arXiv:1001.2865v1 [physics.gen-ph]) #physics

2010-01-26 19:26:50
lasleandro: Unification and Emergence in Physics: the Problem of Articulation. #physics

2010-01-26 19:24:28
lasleandro: The fundamental importance of discourse in theoretical physics. (arXiv:1001.4111v1 [quant-ph]) #physics

2010-01-26 19:22:12
lasleandro: Cosmological thinking: cultural heritage and challenge. (arXiv:1001.4196v1 [physics.pop-ph]) #physics

2010-01-26 19:20:41
lasleandro: #hepth Large Extra Dimensions and Small Black Holes at the LHC. (arXiv:1001.2211v3 [hep-ph] UPDATED)

2010-01-26 19:16:37
lasleandro: The cosmological singularity problem. (arXiv:1001.4367v1 [hep-th]) #physics

2010-01-26 12:10:47
lasleandro: Com vocês, Stallman Facts

2010-01-26 12:06:19
lasleandro: RT @kenmori: A dramaticidade de um gato #lolcat

2010-01-25 03:24:18
lasleandro: Quantum theory, gravity, and the standard model of particle: using the hints of today to build the final theory

2010-01-25 02:38:55
lasleandro: Howto access ext3 partition from Windows #ubuntu

2010-01-25 23:44:36
lasleandro: 50 years of the laser #physics

2010-01-25 23:43:53
lasleandro: Isaac Newton’s gravitation paper goes online #physics

2010-01-25 23:42:14
lasleandro: Critical Casimir Effect #physics

2010-01-25 23:40:07
lasleandro: Physicist, Physician, Physical Therapist? #physics

2010-01-25 14:35:36
lasleandro: The limits of cosmology. (arXiv:1001.4016v1 [physics.pop-ph]) #physics

2010-01-24 19:13:43
lasleandro: I favorited a YouTube video — bujinkan montenegro Lazarevic Predrag

2010-01-24 17:10:47
lasleandro: ÜberStudent – Ubuntu version for Students and Researchers

2010-01-24 04:56:19
lasleandro: Colliding Particles Can Make Black Holes #physics

2010-01-23 18:11:54
lasleandro: Public Health Authorities: Couch Potato Syndrome Leads to Rickets | Discoblog

2010-01-23 14:26:21
lasleandro: Water Planets #science

2010-01-23 12:43:12
lasleandro: When Does Science Become Technology And Why Does It Matter? #science

2010-01-22 16:32:50
lasleandro: A First Course on Twistors, Integrability and Gluon Scattering Amplitudes. #physics

2010-01-22 16:31:17
lasleandro: The Physical Properties of the Cosmic Acceleration. (arXiv:1001.1811v2 [astro-ph.CO] CROSS LISTED)

2010-01-22 14:16:57
lasleandro: Fotos pioneiras de cristais de neve vão à venda em Nova York

2010-01-22 14:14:45
lasleandro: “Lake Views” by Steven Weinberg #physics

2010-01-22 14:12:58
lasleandro: Flying R2-D2, you are doing it wrong #physics

2010-01-21 18:18:20
lasleandro: Non-Markovian effect on the geometric phase of a dissipative qubit. #physics

2010-01-21 18:02:52
lasleandro: Chaos Models in Economics. (arXiv:1001.3492v1 [nlin.CD])

2010-01-21 03:36:13
lasleandro: How to install GNOME Activity Journal in Ubuntu #ubuntu

2010-01-19 04:01:27
lasleandro: Passageiros dizem que trem da SuperVia circulou sem maquinista #supervia hauha


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